a new desk, an audition and mothers day

I apologize for my absence!  My grandmother spent a week with me and it was absolutely lovely.  I woke up this morning (downstairs, on the couch where I’ve been sleeping with the puppy) expecting that she’d be down soon and remembered that she headed home yesterday.  It was quite a disappointment.  She’s one of those low maintenance guests that’s just as happy watching something on TV as she is going out to lunch and doesn’t expect to be constantly entertained.  She’s the best, so naturally, we had fun!  Before she arrived, she bought me my new desk!  I love it.  At some point today, I’ll be getting the bookcase I ordered to sit over in that corner on the right.  Things are coming together!!!

I had my audition for the worship team this past (not passed, right?) Saturday.  Unfortunately for you all, it didn’t go as horribly as I thought it would so there’s no real humor to this story.  I ended up not having the time to practice that I’d hoped to have.  Which I knew would happen because I had a guest and a baby puppy to tend to the week prior.  Neither of those things offer the hours a day I would usually take to practice.  Especially because during my practice time, I ignore everything and everyone ha!  My kids run a muck, my house gets destroyed and I don’t care.  Anyway, I almost didn’t go.  I was figuring that it would be a waste of everyone’s time because I felt so unprepared and inadequate and I definitely didn’t have the music memorized.  But I went anyway.  I think I was beyond nervous.  Terrified is a better adjective.  Turns out though, fear does wonders for my voice.  They’ll be sorely disappointed if they decide I have a place on their team because I don’t think I’ll ever sound that good again.  True to form, I did make a mistake or two on the piano.  Thankfully I’ve become a master at recovery, so it’s not usually a disaster.  I mean, sometimes it is but not this time.  Over all, the experience was a good one.  I still think they’ll take a hard pass but it won’t be because I was awful, it’ll just be because I’m not as experienced or as good as they all are.

All that aside, everyone who auditioned was invited to be part of a monthly “worship collective.”  Apparently anyone who considers themselves a “creative” and is using their gift for the kingdom, is welcome to come and fellowship with other creatives.  You share a meal, get to know other people in the community and worship together.  It’s funny because I have never considered myself (and still don’t) to be a “creative.”  The whole idea of it makes me uncomfortable.  If anything, I’m a copier.  I recreate other peoples art and it’s never as good as the original.  At this point in my life, I’ve written two and a half mediocre songs (well over a year ago) and only one did I actually use during a worship set.  I don’t even know if it was received well because I don’t look up from the piano ever.  So, definitely not a creative.  BUT even still, it’ll be nice to be part of a community where I can learn and hopefully greatly improve!  Maybe I’ll even make a friend or two.

After the audition, when I got home, (I don’t remember exactly how we got there.  I mean, I know we got there via car, I just don’t remember the events that led us to the store) all of us Carpenters and Grammy ended up in the HEB grocery store.  Fun fact: the “B” in HEB stands for “Butts” haha!  It’s H.E. Butts Grocery Co. The reason we were at HE Butts, I can’t recall.  Oh wait, I recall.  We went to MOD Pizza for dinner and then Grammy needed wine.  As it turns out though, she didn’t really need any wine.  I have 2 full bottles left over in my fridge and another bottle hanging out in my garage fridge.  But anyway, while we were there, Paul decided since Mother’s Day was the following day, he’d pick me up a card.  He did his absolute best to hide the card from me (which he succeeded at) and proceeded to tell me how great the card was.  My son Charlie also chimed in and said something like, “yea mom it’s a really great card, you’re gonna love it.”  Needless to say, I opened it the next morning expecting to love it and… I didn’t love it.  Instead, I cried.  In Paul’s defense, had this been any other Mother’s Day, I probably would have laughed.  But this Mother’s Day, following the stress and pure sacrifice of this move, I was far more emotional than usual.  My self righteous, sinful behind was thinking that I deserved some heartfelt thank you for moving here to Austin and at some point after knowing Paul picked out a card, I decided in my mind that Mother’s Day was the perfect day to receive that thank you.  Both thoughts, very wrong.  I opened my card on Mother’s Day and to my great dismay, there was no lovely thank you, at least not one I could read.  Instead it was filled with words that were completely unrecognizable to me with the exception of a big ole “LOL” written on the inside.  Because of the large Mexican culture down here in Texas, Paul thought it would be funny to get me a Spanish Mother’s Day card.  Paul thought wrong.

Ultimately I felt bad because it really wasn’t his fault that every other year for always I haven’t really cared much about cards or gifts.  And usually I appreciate a funny joke.  And it also wasn’t his fault that I’d decided I deserved some expression of thanks for moving here beyond what he’s already given me many times.  I wasn’t mean to him about it but I was visibly upset.  He felt really bad and he apologized that morning when we got to church (which made me feel worse).  After I talked to my mom about it she told me I needed to save the card forever so I dug it out of the trash where Paul had thrown it.  Upon further inspection, I realized that he hadn’t chosen this card just because it was in Spanish, but also because there was a small flap with part of Proverbs 31:28 on it.  It might have been in Spanish, but I knew what it said.  “Her children rise up and call her blessed…”  That’s the only part on the card but the rest of the verse says “…her husband also, and he praises her.”  Just this very moment, I’m realizing that the flap is actually a removable bookmark.  That’s gonna have to sit in my bible forever now.  At some point I’ll Google translate the rest of the card.  But for now it’ll be a reminder to me that I AM blessed and my husband DOES often praise me.  I don’t need a holiday to know that I am appreciated and loved far beyond what I deserve.

In fact, this past weekend was one of the most fun weekends we’ve had since we moved in!  Grammy offered to babysit so that Paul and I could have a date night, so naturally we got out of there as fast as we could!  It had been probably months since we’d gone out just the two if us.  I actually think the last time was for my brothers 30th birthday back in February.  That doesn’t really count as a date night though because we spent most of the evening apart, socializing and had to leave early because Paul was flying to Texas early the next morning to house hunt.  Anyway, we had a real date night Friday night.  I have to say, it was probably the absolute best date night we’ve ever been on.  Instead of doing the usual boring Long Island thing where we’d go to dinner and see a movie, we actually went and did some things we’d never done before.  We saw an improv comedy show at this adorable theater that had a small café up front (I had a banana and Nutella stuffed pretzel that was sinfully good) and then we went and walked all over 6th street.  They close down the entire street.  For my Long Island locals, it’s like Patchogue’s Alive After Five but on steroids.  We had a drink at one of the many bars and ate some street pizza..  They don’t cook it in the street or anything ha!  You walk up to a window at a pizzeria and get a slice to go and eat while walking down the street.  It was crispy and delicious until I got to the crust.  Crust is my favorite.  This crust was not.  We were in the city early enough that it wasn’t complete pandemonium.  I’ve heard it gets pretty crazy there as the night progresses.  I’m sure it has to do with the one million bars.  I’m not even kidding, if you tried to do a 6th street bar crawl, you would die before the night was over.  DIE.  Fortunately Paul and I chose to avoid death and had a lovely evening enjoying each others company instead.  Oh, we were also home by 11pm and the entire night cost us less than $75.  New York date nights were upwards from $150.  So I mean, we were fiscally responsible AND home at a decent hour.  That’s a total win!

That’s all for now, y’all be good now ya hear!?  Ha ha!  I’m sorry for that.  I don’t know what’s happening to me.

Keep on running on Jesus and coffee.


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